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Laser Markers, leave marks

Laser marker compact

A marking laser is suitable for the surface finishing of many materials. With our compact laser marker, metals, plastics and other materials can be permanently marked.
And as a Dutch customer put it when he ordered lasers number 9 and:

“Mario, we need another money printer.”

From then on, our laser box was called Goldesel | Golden Goose. The name says it all.

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Our Golden Goose, laser marker can do that

Our Golden Goose is a class 1 laser. It is not stubborn at all and is world class at engraving all metals and also promotional items. The permanent marking of components of all kinds is also one of his favorite tasks. All in all, the Golden Goose is an absolutely high-production, extra user-friendly and very reliable 2D laser.

What you can do with our 2D laser gold donkey, you can see in the sample images.

Marking laser technical data:

Laser: JPT
Performance: 30 Watt
Wavelength: 1068 nm
Pulse frequency: 1 – 400 kHz
Max. writing speed: 10.000 mm/s
Operating voltage: AC 90-250V / 50Hz 10A
Input: 750 Watt
Engraving surface: 100 × 100 mm (standard)
Laser class: 1

Dimension: 430 × 470 × 740 mm
Weighting: 44 kg

Special features of our Golden Goose:

Laser preview for optimal positioning
Connection options for e.g. 360° rotation
Mobile laser device class 1
Internal air cooling Maintenance free

Would you like to have a Golden Goose as a laser marker in your stable?

We understand that very well! The results with our marking laser are really more than impressive. We would be happy to check in advance with a live presentation at your location whether your parts can be processed with our cash cow. If everything fits, we would be happy if you give a trusty 2D laser cash cow a home.

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