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Blick über Speyer

Research, Development and maintenance at the Speyer site

Mario Schlosser


Mario Schlosser

Denis Kubach

Service technician & application trainer

Denis Kubach

Sales Great Britain

Allen Diskin

Team Paula

Factory security and security service


Meike Schmack

Marketing and Pixel Shifter

Meike Schmack

The rest of the squad is still at the hairdresser's!

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At our location in one of the oldest (and most beautiful!) cities in Germany, we pursue our favorite activity – laser technology. We've been doing this since 2008 and are continuing to find new challenges and innovations in this field every day. It is with thanks to our clients who keep us on our toes with new challenges on a regular basis! We have a solution for every laser task – MSW: Came, Saw and Lasered.

Our partner companies around the globe

In order to offer you the best solutions in the field of laser technology, we only work together with you, the best partner companies. No distance is too far for us - that's why we have clients not only in Europe but also from Australia to America…

There's a lot going on here!


Our first laser

There were loud cheers after the first laser ran in 2008, it was a slow,water-cooled, huge monster. The popping of the champagne corks could just about mask the sound of the cooler.


MSW goes fiber laser

In 2010, we switched to the much more precise and faster fiber laser systems.


Beastly good support

Paula came without an application, CV or recommendation in 2011. She immediately convinced us and is a much loved team member.


Strong team, strong lasers

Today we are a team that reacts quickly and professionally, which is validated by our customers through references, recommendations and above all else: repeat orders!

Daily target

Speyer – a beautiful and historic city located directly on the Rhine. Our research and development facility is situated roight in the middle of this beautiful city. A brief Insight into our everyday work:



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