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3D Laserbox and 3D Laserbox Compact

Fiber lasers in a new dimension

May we introduce: Our 3D Laserbox Compact! Because our fiber laser is now also available as a 3D version. With the strong and compact laser engraving machine, you can engrave intricate shape workpieces at different levels. Bevels and uneven contours are also no problem. The 3D laser box from MSW also offers the option of scanning products to be marked in advance in order to define the shape of the article.rn in a new dimension

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The 3D Laserbox Compact has a lot to offer

Spheres, cones, convex or concave shapes – everything is easy for our 3D Laserbox Compact. With the help of the corresponding 3D files, completely free forms can also be labeled and engraved without further ado. What sounds complicated is very easy to put into practice: simply place a product under the laser head, enter the diameter of the object in the software and check the 3D coordinates on the monitor – done!

Technical data 3D laser:

Laser: IPG
Performance: 30 Watt
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Pulse frequency: 20 – 80 kHz
Max. writing speed: 8000 mm/s
Operating voltage: AC 90-250V / 50Hz 10A
Input: 500 Watt
Engraving surface: 160 × 160 × variable focus 40 mm
Laser class: 1

Dimension: 800 × 680 × 1400 mm
Weighting: 58 kg


Technical data 3D LaserBox Compact:

Performance: 30 / 50 Watt
pulse energy: 1 mJ
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Pulse frequency: 1 – 400 kHz
Focus adjustment range: ±20 mm
Min. writing speed: 0,03 mm
Max. writing speed: 8000 mm/s
Laser procedure: XYZ 3-Achsen mit dynamischen Focus
Input: AC 90-250V / 50Hz 10A
Cooling: Luftkühlung
Ambient temperature: 15 – 35°C | Luftfeuchtigkeit 30 – 80 %
Engraving surface: 160 × 160 × 40 mm

Dimension: 750 × 530 × 430 mm
Weighting: 60 kg

The compact laser engraving machine for clean 3D lasers

Lasering complex shapes or type plates: Our compact 3D Laserbox Compact laser engraving machine adapts very flexibly to different laser tasks. This modern all-rounder brings versatility and ease into your business – and into all external uses. Its simple, transportable design is just as convincing as its complex technical equipment. You just have to like him! Can you imagine a 3D Laserbox Compact in your company? Then let us know! We are happy to help you by phone or leave us a request via the contact form. We would be happy to show you our laser devices in a live demonstration at your site or in our showroom in Speyer. We look forward to you!

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