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Achieve seriously good results with laser marking

Laser technology has many applications – not just for „light sabres“!
With our Lasers you can permanently inscribe and engrave a wide variety of materials such as plastics, metals or organic materials. Laser marking is easy and efficient with our machines, the results are precise and of an extremely high quality. Engrave logos, graphics, lettering, jewelry – everything is possible!

Laser technology is used in the following areas:

• Mechanical engineering
• Tool making
• Automotive industries
• Plastic processing
• Engrave type plates
• Anywhere, where traceability is required (Healthcare, Aerospace, Formula 1, etc.)


Powerful machines

Let usd introduce ourselves: You can expect the best results for laser marking and labelling from MSW Lasertechnik. Our machines are our best advetisement - and they leaves just as good an impression on our customers as they do on the products they mark!


Always simple solutions

The philosophy, central to all that we do is: Keep it Simple! We believe in solution-oriented work. We always look for the shortest routes and thus ensure that ideas / innovations can be implemented quickly.


Working with passion

Our team motto inspires us again and again: "From the day I learned to love what I do, I never had to work again." Our heart beats for laser technology – no more and no less.


First class service

Customer satisfaction is of course our top priority at MSW Lasertechnik. That's why you can always rely on us for a flexible and fast service, that is also precisely tailored to your needs.

MSW laser technology in figures






That's what our customers say about MSW Lasertechnik

Full laser power ahead for our customers! Reliable performance and careful service are reflected in the best ratings. We say thank you for the trust in MSW Lasertechnik.


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A machine supplier who keeps what he promises! Top performance - top service - our employees are enthusiastic.

Ina Berger

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We've just purchased our third laser engraving machine from MSW and couldn't be happier. The after-sales setup and support from the other side of the planet is fantastic and the machines are amazing. After 2 days we had the crate unpacked, machine assembled and we are now in production. I think we will be buying a fourth machine before too long. Thanks guys!!!

Peter Newell

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A first class laser 3D engraving machine, backed up with great support, I’ve had it a couple of years now with no fuss, anything you need to know or understand with the technical stuff is quick and efficient, there’s so much to the machine with it capabilities.

Mark Whittaker

Dare to say; „hello“ to the possibilities of Laser Marking!

Only a short message and a few clicks separate you from working with MSW Lasertechnik. Let's get started together! Just send us your name, message, industry and tel. number... We will be in touch as soon as possible.


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