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MSW Laser Automation

This is how our fully automatic fiber laser works

We want to make your work as easy as possible with laser automation! We have developed a particularly smart solution for this: Our fully automatic machine with 3D laser for pens and pallet feed works as if by itself. The most popular of all advertising media can be labeled at top speed and without any effort. A fully automatic fiber laser reduces your production times – leaving room for other things.

Engraving ballpoint pens on the assembly line with laser automation

Our fully automatic 3D laser with pallet feed makes engraving pens child’s play and literally works like an assembly line. Completely independently, it takes over the precise labeling of countless ballpoint pens and shines with its repeatability. But that’s not all of the laser automation: Our fully automatic machine also takes care of the exact filling of the pens according to the number of pieces in the appropriate outer packaging. In addition to ballpoint pens, it is of course also possible to engrave other products of a similar size fully automatically.

Fully automatic machine technical data:

Laser: IPG oder JPT
Performance: 30 Watt
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Pulse frequency: 20 – 80 kHz
Max. writing speed: 8000 mm/s
Operating voltage: AC 90-250V / 50Hz 10A
Input: 500 Watt
Engraving surface: 150 × 150 mm | variable focus 40mm

Dimension: 210 × 680 × 1800 mm
Weighting: 120 kg

Automatically found the right partner for laser automation

Are you interested in laser automation for ballpoint pens and more? Then you have come to the right provider. We would be happy to show you all the advantages of our fully automatic 3D laser for ballpoint pens in a live demonstration – at your site or in our showroom in Speyer. Just give us a call or send us a message using the contact form. We look forward to you!


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