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Our laser accessories fit perfectly

Our laser accessories perfectly complement our range of laser systems. With a cross table, foot switch, laser work table or a work protection housing, you are optimally and safely equipped for every laser task. The products can be used for all of our systems and of course have the same high-quality properties as the MSW laser devices themselves. We would be happy to advise you on which laser accessories are best suited to your individual requirements.

Laser accessories from A to Z

  • Protective Housing: Laser class 1
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  • Workbench: with automatic height adjustment
  • Vacuum device: Powerful space-saving vacuum device.
  • Eliminates dust, gases and smells generated during processing.
  • Tilting device for 360 ° inside lettering of rings etc.
  • 360 ° rotation for all-round labeling
  • Laser protection: Safely protect your eyes
  • Laser table: Manually adjustable
  • Flat rotation: rotation for rotation plate
  • Interface for laser: dimensions 235 × 320 × 70 mm
  • Cross table: dimensions 300 × 200 mm
  • Focus lens: Adapt working field to workpiece size
  • Rotation plate: dimensions 400 mm, 2 effective area
  • Laser safety goggles: Green filter color, with side shields
  • Foot switch: For hands-free work

For good laser accessories just ask the laser professionals!

We look forward to sharing your laser technology needs with you. We really enjoy putting together the optimal solutions in the form of laser systems and suitable laser accessories in such a way that it simply works for you. Switch it on and get started – that’s how your workflow should be. With MSW Lasertechnik this is reality!

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